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BBC journalist Michael Buerk says, I feel sa...

Jan 30, 2018
Can’t wait to take to Turkey’s coast in spring, senior BBC journalist Michael Buerk says Michael Buerk, a senior jo [more]
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New York Times says Turkish Island Bozcaada ...

May 10, 2017
This wind-hugged sliver of an island in the Dardanelles is delightfully secluded: a 50-minute plane ride from Istan [more]
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İstanbul property prices high despite rising...

Mar 01, 2017
The property market in Turkey’s largest city, İstanbul, is witnessing stubbornly high prices despite an ever- [more]
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The biggest companies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar...

Feb 20, 2017
The biggest companies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates have started plans to invest hundreds of bill [more]
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Turkey campaigns for foreign home buyers

Feb 12, 2017
Turkey has announced plans to issue one-year residency permits to foreigners who purchase property in the country, [more]
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Istanbul attracts foreign investors

Jan 08, 2017
Istanbul’s growing popularity in the Middle East together with its increasing status as a commercial hub has led to [more]
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Turkey outpaces European countries with its ...

Dec 24, 2016
Turkey surpasses European countries with its investments in outlet centers, in which manufacturers sell their produ [more]
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Turkey Seeks Global Investors to Plow $10 Bi...

Nov 16, 2016
The republic of Turkey, with a population of 75 million in western Asia, wants to be a noticeable player in the wor [more]
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The Istanbul International Finance Center wi...

Feb 18, 2016
The Ağaoğlu group, which is undertaking the construction of the Istanbul International Finance Center is to carry o [more]
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Middle Eastern buyers increasingly keen on l...

Jan 11, 2016
Demand for luxury residences in upmarket districts of Istanbul continues to rise, fuelled by buyers from the Middle [more]
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If the world were a single country, its capi...

Nov 05, 2015
Istanbul has taken on a very important role in the path toward its goal and Istanbul International Finance Center, [more]
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The international mortgage crisis couldnR...

Oct 15, 2015
The international mortgage crisis, that has also affected the real estate industry in Istanbul, was not able to cha [more]
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Istanbul has glamour and views straight out ...

Jul 28, 2015
James Bond leaps over the pan-tiled roofs of the old city in Istanbul in the opening scenes of Skyfall, against the [more]
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