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Residency permit

If you plan to live in Turkey permanently, you are required to purchase a residency permit. A residency permit is a permit granted to foreign nationals, allowing them to live in Turkey. Or you can apply for Turkish citizenship so you can get many benefits of it, which you can read all about in this page: TURKISH CITIZENSHIP What we do is to advice you and arrange a meeting with our solicitor team so they assist you about either residency permit or citizenship.

We can advise you team of experienced solicitors and immigration consultants to help and assist you about living in Turkey.

Residency Permit Types

Types of residence permits are the listed below:

  • short-term residence permit;
  • family residence permit;
  • student residence permit;
  • long-term residence permit;
  • humanitarian residence permit;
  • victim of human trafficking residence permit.

Please note: Foreigners applying for a residence permit shall be required to hold a passport or a travel document valid at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit.

Please note: Residence permits shall be issued separately for every foreigner depending on the purpose of stay, [in any case] for a period sixty days shorter than the validity period of the passport or travel document.

Family Residence Permit (2 year Residency Permit)

1- A family residence permit for a maximum duration of two years at a time may be granted to the:

a) foreign spouse;
b) foreign children or foreign minor children of their spouse;
c) dependent foreign children or dependent foreign children of their spouse;
of Turkish citizens, persons within the scope of Article 28 of Law № 5901 or, foreigners holding one of the residence permits as well as refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries. However, the duration of the family residence permit cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit under any circumstances whatsoever.

2- In cases of a polygamous marriage pursuant to the regulation in the [foreigner’s] country of citizenship, only one of the spouses shall be issued a family residence permit. However, a family residence permit may be granted to the foreigner’s children from other spouses.

3- For family residence permits issued to children, if any, the consent of the mother or the father who lives abroad and who shares custody shall be sought.

4- Family residence permits shall entitle the holder right of education in primary and secondary educational institutions until the age of 18 the without obtaining a student residence permit.

5- Any person reaching the age of 18 who has immediately before resided in Turkey for a minimum of three years on a family residence permit may, upon application transfer to a short-term residence permit.

6- In the event of divorce, a short-term residence permit may be issued to a foreign spouse of a Turkish citizen, provided that [he or she] resided on a family residence permit for at least three years. However, in cases where it is established by the relevant court that the foreign spouse has been a victim for reasons of domestic violence, the condition for three years residence shall not be sought.

7- In the event of the death of the sponsor, a short-term residence permit may be issued without any [minimum residing] time condition attached to those who have resided on a family residence permit in connection with the sponsor.

Please note: Foreigners applying for a residence permit shall be required to hold a passport or a travel document valid at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit.

How to apply for a 8 year residence permit in Turkey? (Long term – permanent permit)

The main criteria for the long term permit are;

To have a consistent income
This can be proven by various ways depending on where the income is coming from.
For example; Retirement pension from another country or
Having a business in Turkey – it is possible to present your income with previous years tax records etc.

If the foreigner is on the dependent status of a residence permit holder in Turkey who has a consistent income, it is also possible to process it. For example: The husband has an income and the wife applies for the long term permit.

Minimum Income Amount
The income shall be a minimum of 500 USD per month.

Full Health Insurance
Full health insurance is a requirement. (Same requirements as the short term (1 year) residence permit)

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