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The Istanbul International Finance Center will be the new gravitational force of Istanbul

Posted by TURKISH ESTATE on 18/02/2016
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The Ağaoğlu group, which is undertaking the construction of the Istanbul International Finance Center is to carry out all the excavation works, shared infrastructure, access roads, indoor and outdoor car parks, reinforced concrete production work for the metro station construction, the ground improvement of the project area and all structural and vegetative landscaping works of the project using its own resources. It will also prepare the project for the commercial units within an indoor area of 160.148 m2 of the project area, and will carry out the sale after having completed the sub and superstructure. The project consists of offices, a shopping center, luxury residences, a 5 star hotel, a 2.500 capacity conference hall and outlets.

The Istanbul International Finance Center will house the headquarters of establishments such as the Central Bank, Halk Bank, Vakıflar Bank, Ziraat Bank and the Capital Markets Board as well as private sector investments such as Ağaoğlu and İş GYO (REIT). It will have a positive impact on the gravitational pull of Istanbul, and is being seen as the most important project in terms of increasing the share received by Turkey from international capital movements.

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