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About Turkey

The cradle of cultures and civilizations connecting Europe and Asia and capital of civilizations that have reined the lands of Anatolia for centuries. Since the beginning of history, Anatolia, well known as one the earliest settlements READ MORE

About Istanbul

Located in the center of the Old World, Istanbul is one of the world’s great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties. It is the only city in the world which spreads over two continents READ MORE

About North Turkey

From the Bosphorus Straits to the Georgian border, Turkey’s Black Sea region has scenic seasides, hilltop towns, national parks and World Heritage sites. READ MORE

About Izmir and Aegean Region

Izmir, “most beautiful city in Turkey” with its palm-lined thoroughfares and sweeping bay, serve as the gateway to civilizations past and present via an irresistible union of stunning scenery READ MORE

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Government has significantly eased the required limits for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship to encourage investment. Buy a property worth $250.000 apply for Turkish citizenship and get many benefits of it READ MORE

Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare in Turkey has improved drastically from what it once was. Turkey has advanced as the regional core for medical tourism and healthcare services. READ MORE

Living in Turkey

If you are looking to retire overseas and possibly invest in a home abroad, then look south, south-east Mediterranean, Turkey to be exact. READ MORE

Property Taxes

Turkish real estate taxes (payable by all irrespective of residency) are very low when compared to other European countries. READ MORE

Bringing Your Car in to Turkey

You can bring your own car into Turkey, please read the simple regulations: READ MORE

Bringing Your Pet in to Turkey

Yes you can take your pet cat, dog, cat or bird to Turkey from abroad providing all necessary paperwork is in order and it has had all specified vaccinations. READ MORE

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