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Living in Turkey

If you are looking to retire overseas and possibly invest in a home abroad, then look south, south-east Mediterranean, Turkey to be exact. Turkey has made vast improvements over the last twenty years and has become a fierce competitor for your retirement consideration. Turkey is a perfect place to make your new investment with their up and coming tourism, low cost of living and openness to international buyers. Turkey is fast becoming a new favorite place to buy a second home, go on holiday, or retire to. Let us discuss some of the country’s strong points, and why it is becoming the world’s premier place to buy a home overseas.

Turkey is a beautiful combination of natural beaches, contemporary amenities and historical cities. Turkey is the favorite holiday destination for many Europeans. The country has beautiful sites and would be an amazing real estate investment for anyone looking. It is a welcome and desirable location for Mediterranean property rather than over-crowded countries like Spain, or Italy.

Turkey has become a gem in the world of real estate investment due to its low real estate prices and interest rates, the profitable buy to let option and a high resale market for investment properties. Since the markets have been opened to foreign investors many of the cities have seen a rapid increase in foreign purchase accelerating values in this emerging market as well.
Mostly, British, Russian and Germans are buying up holiday homes and retirement homes in Mediterranean, Aegean coasts of the country. The accession into the European Union will only drive prices higher as it has done for other member countries, so many foreigners and citizens are purchasing property now while the prices are still favorable. Turkey is building new high rises, commercial spaces and beautiful villas. You can also choose to buy land through a local real estate company, delaying your construction for a few years while you spin down your current life.

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